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Five Star Auto Glass Replacement Services

We offer auto glass replacement, side windows repair, repair of back glasses, doors and vent windows replacement. We provide convenient, faster, affordable and professional auto glass repair services. Subsequently, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians are always ready for your appointment and auto glass emergency services. Care and expertise are used when dealing with broken side and back glasses, sunroofs, t-tops, conversion van windows are replaced with high-quality glass so that they fit perfectly.

  • Windshield replacement

  • Auto glass replacement

  • Broken side window replacement

  • Window regulator replacement

  • Side and back vent replacement

  • Back window replacement

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Five Star Auto Glass Repair Services

Our auto glass repair and replacements range from side view mirrors, interior mirrors, back glasses, sunroofs, t-tops, windshields, and more! We will repair and clean any auto glass damage on your vehicle at an affordable rate.

  • Windshield repair

  • Auto glass repair

  • Repair of broken side windows

  • Repair window regulators

  • Side and back vents repair

  • Repair of back windows


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Fleet Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services

We also offer fleet auto glass replacement, side windows repair, repair of back glasses, doors and vent windows replacement. No matter the size of your fleet, we service all fleets from commercial cars and vans to heavy trucks.

  • Windshield repair and replacement

  • Auto glass replacement

  • Repair of broken side windows

  • Fixing broken and replacing window regulators

  • Side and back vent repair

  • Replacement of back windows

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We understand that glass chips and damage can happen at any time. Trust Five Stars Auto Glass to fix your rock chip and prevent from further spreading. 

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Contact Information

Five Stars Auto Glass Office


3400 NE 82nd Ave

Portland, OR, 97220

Phone: (503) 841-3565

Office: (503) 847-7531

Fax: (503) 914-1685


Save Money

If you see a rock chip on your windshield and that chip is a quarter diameter or smaller, get an auto glass repair done as soon as you can before it cracks and needs replacement, if you notice it soon enough a windshield repair could be all that's needed.


It could be free!

Depending on your insurance coverage, your auto glass repair may be completely covered. We work with most insurance companies, or you can pay for the auto glass repair on your own.


We're mobile!

We know that your life doesn't revolve around chips and cracks and at Five Stars Auto Glass, we're all about the customer experience. Our mobile auto glass repair service can travel to your home, office, or any location that works best for you. Our mobile auto glass services use the same techniques and technology that our repair shop uses to get our customers the highest quality replacement or repair in the Portland Metro area.


Come to us

If you'd prefer, you can come to our glass repair shop which is located at 3400 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220 for auto glass repair or window replacement. Call now to schedule an appointment.



Contact Us today. If you're ready for auto glass replacement, call us at (503) 847-7531 or fill out a Request For Quote to have one of our auto glass repair technicians call you directly.

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